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In the old days teaching was conducted using chalk and blackboard. Not much law in that. But in the modern digital age things are different. Among other things, much teaching material – texts, images, music and movies etc. – is protected by copyright law. Therefore you sometimes need permission before using it for teaching purposes. Furthermore, the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data imposes limits on the extent to which you can record teaching, including as part of a webcast.

Teaching Legally at Undervislovligt.dk is about the rules and regulations related to teaching as set out by the Danish Copyright Act and the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data. It addresses the following:

  • as a teacher, when do you need permission before using teaching materials created by others, and when you do not need permission
  • if so, who should give you permission
  • what rights do teachers have to teaching material they have made themselves
  • to what extent is consent to filming classes and lectures, including webcast, podcast, and the like, required under the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data.

This web site is aimed at teachers at Danish educational institutions, including elementary schools, upper secondary schools, vocational colleges, universities, etc.

This site is the product of UBVA.

We hope that you will find Teaching Legally at undervislovligt.dk. useful. If you have any questions or comments, please write to us or insert comments in the comment boxes on the site.


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